Coming Soon & Phase II stuff

Drop a pin on the map where your horse is located
Forecasting on the half hour vs. hourly
Blanket Color Key Chart with manufacturer's guidelines
(currently you can see this in the private area of our FB page once you subscribe)
Private Facebook area for subscribers : instructions and feedback
Phase II : Personal Portal (Pat. Pend.)
Push Notifications when weather changes blanket icon colors
Ability to turn Push Notifications on or off
Radar Link Button (I am especially excited about this one.)
Weekly tips vs. monthly

Q. What can I do with my Personal Portal (Pat. Pend.)?
A. Customize the pre-set markers..........

....Let's say you live somewhere that rains whenever the forecast says there is a 20% chance of rain. Well, the notification marker set at 51% chance doesn't set off an alert for you or a blanket color change to put on a turn-out sheet. You can customize your portal to change the blanket colors and push notifications to the 20% chance marker instead of the preset marker.
Then there is your horse to consider.:
Maybe your horse is a warm-blood, or older, has a skin condition or is clipped to show. You would want to have a different set of markers for any one of these situations. When you purchase a "Personal Portal" you get to control the markers to best fit your horse's and your location's specific needs.