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Winners from the Equine Affaire, Mass. will be posted this weekend.  Thank you all for coming out and lets get the private FB group going so we can transfer the Tip of the Month to the group.


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ABOUT Us: Our history & how we came up with this idea!

I bought my MoJo Valley Farm 5 years ago and have since populated it with 5 rescued equines: 2 horses, 2 mini donkeys & 1 mini hinny. This past winter I was still struggling to stay on top of the weather in regards to my 5 equines' blanketing needs.
Checking the weather forecast meant using a forecast for the nearest town 3 miles away and 300 feet closer to the River than my farm was located. I had to check several different weather apps throughout the day along with the radar and call my neighbor.
(Neighbor around here means : 2 miles away with a different topography - but at least this neighbor has lived here her whole life and has a knack for predicting the weather.)
Deep into the winter months I managed to find a 3 day window above 50° F. when I could risk taking off all the blankets and get them washed & dried before the cold returned. Now as all horse owners know, our beloved horses are not ones to keep any blanket or covering clean or "rip and hole free." (haha)
Anyway, I walked out of my stable, now run-in, and I said to myself, "Why isn't there an app. for this? Something I can pull up on my phone and see the weather at my specific location and reference which blankets my horses are going to need?."
That was the beginning of the Happy Horse Forecast mobile app. With my husband's help, he came up with the name among other insights, and my big "Sis" Sue, who came up with the Lime Green Logo and helped shape so many details along the way, I began to build my mobile app. The color coded blankets were added to make quick referencing of blanket types easier for me since I am still learning all about what to put on, when to switch coverings, what is waterproof and when will the flies and mosquitoes emerge to bite my babies.
Of my 2 horses, 1 is a big Missouri Fox Trotter mare that insists on standing outside in the rain. Considering she arrived full of rain rot, I feel I owe it to her to have not only cured it but to keep her comfortably covered so that she can continue her love of standing outside, even when it is raining.
As we horse owners know (& if you are new to this then you'll now know) horses do not really need blanketing, but if you have one that loves the rain like my Lola or perhaps is clipped for showing or even of a different breed - like my 2 donkeys who are not a breed that can withstand below 10° temp.s - then you will be blanketing them. We are responsible as their rescuers; their keepers; their friends to do what we can to keep them "Happy Campers." I hope the Happy Horse Forecast helps your equine friends live healthy happy lives in whatever weather comes our way.

A portion of the profits will be donated to a different legitimate horse rescue organization each qtr. The first such place will be Peaceful Acres Horses ( https://www.peacefulacreshorses.com)